Baby's First Foods

Track your child's foods in one place.

Capture Food preferences and any potential allergic reactions. Preloaded with common food categories and foods offered by popular brands.

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Easily Journal Foods

Simple to navigate categories for meal tracking

Common Baby Food Categories

Add foods from home or on-the-go with intuitive food category options

Popular Baby Food Brands Included

Branded category is pre-loaded with food blends and snacks from popular companies

Easy to Use Interface

We've made tracking simple so you can save foods tried in seconds

Log Foods & Reactions

Make it easy to see what foods baby likes (or really dislikes) and capture food reactions for future reference

Reaction Tracker

Record potential allergies related to foods introduced. Photo upload allows for easy refernce of reactions to share with baby's caregiver

Yummy Scale

On a scale from ugh to yum, how much does baby life the food they tried? Use the food scale to remember baby's reaction for future meal planning

Note Taking

Keep a log of any food preparation or reaction details that may be good to remember late on

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Intuitive Calendar View

Look at baby's food introductions a month at a time

Identify Reactions at a Glance

Days with allergic reactions are highlighted in red for easy reference

Full Day Overview

Click on a particular day to view all foods tried and all reactions

Detail View

Select a particular instance of food tried or food reaction to review full details


Keep Track

Email yourself reports listing foods tried and food reactions

New Features Added Regularly

Syncing between multiple accounts coming soon. Expanded toddler food categories on the way too!